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New Addition To Education Department

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

CIELO has gained a new addition to our Education Department. We welcome Nathan Slosson to the team. Nathan is CIELO's new Adult Education Coordinator. He will be working closely with families, students, and community members to help with education and advocacy services. Please join us in welcoming Nathan to CIELO. We are excited to have him on board and know that he will be an asset to our organization, and to our community as we move forward into the next chapter. He can be reached via email nate@cieloprograms.org or by leaving a message on our Facebook page.

A message from our new Adult Education Coordinator, Nathan Slossen:

“My name is Nate Slosson and I have been working with CIELO on and off for the past three years while studying at The Evergreen State College. I am currently working towards a Master of Education degree. Since starting at CIELO, I have made tremendous efforts to help newer immigrants in the community adapt to the new culture and language and find resources. I worked as a high school ELL teacher at Shelton High School for two years and effectively advocated for the Latinx students and continue encouraging them to pursue their goals. I am excited to be back with CIELO in a full-time position to advance in my career and make an impact on the Latinx community. My recent experiences have taught me about the challenges our families are facing and I want to stand up against these injustices through education and activism. I believe that our community and country could be doing a much greater job of helping immigrants find the resources that they need to have more sustainable lives and futures.”

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CIELO provides vital support and resources for refugees and immigrants in the South Sound. Our diverse staff knows the challenge of settling in a new land because many of them have done it for themselves. We offer educational, counseling, and advocacy services. These services empower immigrants to realize their dreams. Families and individuals from all nations are welcome.

CIELO provee apoyo y recursos vitales para refugiados e inmigrantes en el South Sound. Nuestro diverso personal conoce los retos de establecerse en nuevas tierras porque muchos de ellos lo han vivido personalmente. Ofrecemos servicios educativos, consejería e intercesoría. Estos servicios empoderan a nuestras comunidades inmigrantes a realizar sus sueños. Familias e individuos de todas las naciones son bienvenidos.

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