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We are pleased to introduce you to Nuestras Historias (Our Stories), a participatory auditory storytelling project, in collaboration with Window Seat Media. Below are our peer-to-peer interviews from members of our CIELO familia for your enjoyment. We look forward to seeing this project continue to grow with the voices of everyone in our community! 

Estamos emocionados de presentarte a Nuestras Historias, un proyecto de narración participativo, en colaboración con Window Seat Media. A continuación se encuentran nuestras entrevistas auditorias entre pares de miembros de nuestra familia de CIELO para tu disfrute. ¡Esperamos ver que este proyecto continúe creciendo con las voces de nuestra comunidad!

Cristian & Kindra


Cristian Salazar first came to CIELO with his best friend Andrew—young Latinos from southern CA seeking to connect with the Latino community in this area. They became passionate volunteers in the Education Program. In 2021, Cristian was recruited and hired as our Community Navigator, helping people in need connect to community resources. Cristian now serves as our Education Advocate. 

Kindra Galan grew up in south Seattle. She was hired as our Education Program Coordinator right out of college and has since been promoted to Director of Education. Like Cristian, Kindra came to CIELO as a way to connect and give back to the Latino community.


Kindra’s and Cristian’s stories remind us to recognize the importance of family and community as the foundation for individual and collective resilience;and to regard everyone as an asset and a potential leader within the community.

Cristian & KindraNuestras Historias
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Jean & Neptali​​

Neptali immigrated from Guatemala with his brother in 2019, knowing almost no English and very little about American culture. A helpful friend brought him to CIELO, where he found a welcoming, caring community of staff and volunteers who helped him navigate American culture.


Jean was one of Neptali’s first teachers. As a retired ELL teacher from the North Thurston School District, she was drawn to CIELO for the challenge and joy of teaching beginner English to adults and seeing them develop self-confidence as they gained competence in English.

Together, Jean and Neptali reflect on their experiences teaching and learning a second language. 


Neptali's answers are presented here first in Spanish, as he spoke them. An English interpretation, spoken by Isaid Orozco, follows. Jeanne's answers are also followed by an English interpretation, spoken by Kindra Galan.

Jean & NeptaliNuestras Historias
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