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CIELO Welcomes A New Teammate

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Esteban Gaspar (he/him/el) joined our team as our Community Navigator of Direct Services in mid-December. He is excited to join CIELO in support of our community through networking and referrals, the Direct Services Program that provides emergency funds to community members in need, and assisting our Mason County families with the continuation of a Food Bank in Shelton. We look forward to learning from him and growing together to serve our beautiful immigrant and refugee families. Without further ado, Here's Esteban!

"My name is Esteban Gaspar, and I was born and raised in Washington state. My parents are affiliated with the Q'anjob'al Mayan community of Guatemala. I have a passion for helping uplift my indigenous community and other communities. I'm currently a student at Northwest Indian College pursuing Tribal Governance and Business. In 2016, I enlisted in the U.S Air Force to learn skills that can help me better serve my community. CIELO's goals and ambitions to help their communities have been inspiring, and it's an honor to be a new member of the staff. I've already witnessed amazing achievements from this organization. Ultimately, I believe my goals align perfectly with CIELO, and I know that together we can make an impact in our community. Thank you all for your time!"

Please feel free to reach out to him at and welcome him to the team.

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