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CIELO welcomes Mary Lam

We are thrilled to announce that we have hired CIELO's first development officer. We started our quest to achieve this important milestone towards CIELO's self-sufficiency during the development of our planning of the current fiscal year.

Ms. Lam has recently moved from Florida to the pacific northwest and we are glad that we were able to bring her expertise and stellar abilities to CIELO, She started at her position on January 26th and we are enjoying already the benefits of having such a great professional on our side.

I believe there is no better way to introduce Ms. Lam than allowing her to do so, here is a message from our Development Officer:

- "I am excited to be joining both CIELO and the majestic South Sound community. CIELO has a long and proud history and indeed a great future as well. I find that through prompt and empathetic relationship building, you can cultivate an inclusive and diverse network of individuals and organizations who want to help further your mission. My goal is to deepen and expand CIELO's donors' network to maximize our many outstanding programs and life-changing work. I am honored to help develop this position as the first Development Officer at CIELO! Under Julio Rios' leadership, I do not doubt that we can capitalize on our strengths, garner new financial support, and achieve our organization's full potential. As a proud Latina and immigrant myself, I know about the many challenges that Latinx families face when they come to the United States in search of their dreams. I am thankful and honored to be working at CIELO alongside a dedicated team of individuals committed to bringing justice and betterment to Latinos in our community. More importantly, our team understands that every individual needs to be treated holistically and with respect. By removing barriers that hold these vital members of our community back, they can successfully integrate into our community, reach self-sufficiency, and learn the leadership skills they need to succeed and achieve their dreams. I'm ready to roll up my sleeves, begin the work to amplify our mission and rally others behind our cause. " - Ms. Mary Lam

Please join me in welcoming Ms. Lam to CIELO and the South Puget Sound, you can reach her at and at her LinkedIn profile:

Thank you for your attention

Always at your service,

Mr. Julio Rios

Executive Director

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