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When clients return to CIELO...a few years later.

CIELO has hired a new Adult Education Coordinator, Mr. Isaid Orozco, a former CIELO client that has returned as an employee of CIELO. He is ready and eager to serve the amazing Latinx community of the South Puget Sound

Here is the introduction Mr. Orozco shared with us:

“Hola, my name is Isaid Orozco. I am very pleased to start my position here at CIELO as Adult Education Coordinator. I am from Santa Marta, a city in Colombia. I came to the United States to learn English so I could stand up for international human rights. When I first came to Washington, I knew no one and no English. However, through finding CIELO, I was able to make meaningful connections with the Latinx community here. I know firsthand the impact CIELO has on people’s lives. I learned so much from CIELO and was able to find a pathway forward to achieve my educational goals. I completed all my ELL courses at South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) and started to tutor other ELL students. I was also able to take legal courses at SPSCC to continue my legal studies that I had almost finished in Colombia. I aim to earn my Juris Doctor Law degree in the future, but I want to give back to CIELO before I do so. I believe wholeheartedly in their mission of building self-sufficient leaders in our local community. I have volunteered with CIELO for the last two years, teaching some of the adult learning classes. Giving back to my community drives me and started me on my path to becoming a lawyer. I believe that we all deserve equitable opportunities to succeed in this world, and I know those opportunities tend to start with education. I hope to help break down barriers keeping you from your goals.

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Isaid Orozco, to our CIELO community. We look forward to seeing the education department continue to grow and excel in closing educational gaps within the Latinx immigrant community.

Isaid Orozco, Adult Education Coordinator

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